We are Human Leaders

A peer-to-peer Learning community for human-centred Leadership at all levels.

We're a movement of leaders changing how we do business to ensure both business and humans can thrive through work.


We exist to support Leadership at all levels. Whether you're a Leader by title or not, Human Leaders are those ready and willing to prioritise their growth to truly put Humans first in business.

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We host over 55 live events annually, including live expert led webinars, leadership circles, and community conversations! Join the growing community and learn with and from your peers.

Human Leadership is

leading as our authentic selves, with the vulnerability to understand ourselves, the empathy to understand others and the courage to take radical responsibility for how we show up in life and leadership.

Human Leaders deeply understand that to build thriving businesses we must first attend to the needs of our greatest assets, our human beings. Through being a Human Leader we're able to create workplaces where every single employee feels seen, their contributions valued and their voice heard.

What's the cost of traditional Leadership?

Research confirms that traditional and outdated Leadership costs our businesses in more ways than one. When we fail to include and connect with our people, we breed cultures of disengagement, poor productivity, toxicity - which lead to high turnover and diminished profits. What's more, 80% of organisational change initiatives fail to create lasting change. We're reimagining the way we change our businesses, starting from the inside-out of Leaders at all levels, utilising the power of community.

The statistics in the 2021 Gallup 'State of the Global Workplace' report were dire, as seen in the image above. The time is now. We need Human Leaders who are tooled and empowered to step up and drive change in our organisations. 

How we cultivate the Human Leadership advantage

We exist to support Human Leaders and facilitate their growth, to strengthen the shift towards business that prioritises humans first.

We know that to change the way we do business, we as Leaders must embody the change we wish to see. We know that Leadership growth is a constant and continuous evolution of self. As seekers of connection, insight and the latest research-backed information on conducting business in a Human way, we grow through the shared wisdom, support and experience of our fellow Human Leaders.

Our platform connects Human Leaders together in the following ways:

  • COMMUNITY: Peer to peer support - our platform is built by Human Leaders for Human Leaders. Together we can learn & support one another to evolve our Leadership & build better businesses. Our platform also links you to the resources you need to support your growth including Coaches, Consultants & Learning pathways.
  • CIRCLE: Allowing you the space to dive deeper into your self understanding, share challenges and show up as your true self. Join one of our twice monthly circles, a gathering of Human Leaders.
  • CONVERSATIONS: Delivering the best in field researchers, practitioners and consultants in a live webinar every single month! These conversations are interactive, informative and practical, and give you direct access to experts in the field.
  • CONNECT: Our quarterly publication, with the latest research from the field, community updates and features plus exclusive offers from our sponsors.
  • COURSES: Access to micro-learning courses designed to upskill you in Human Leadership, allowing you to lead more effectively, authentically & mindfully. Released periodically and in addition to platform subscription.

Humans are our greatest business asset and to support them to perform and thrive, we need to show up as our best selves.

Together, we can build a world where work brings us purpose and belonging.

If you're a Leader who is...

  • Tired of conforming to business norms that don't support and value the growth and wellbeing of every employee.
  • A true people-first Leader, empathic towards others and not willing to sacrifice your values at work.
  • Consciously driving a cultural change through how you show up at work, making the environment more inclusive, warm and accommodating for all. 
  • Constantly learning and developing yourself and your leadership capabilities, and are willing to invest in yourself to continue evolving into the best human-leader you can be.
  • Lacking support or feeling isolated in your organisation as a 'black sheep' pushing for more human centred business. 
  • Understanding of the value and importance of feeling appreciated and recognised at work, and are passionate about driving belonging in your work cultures.
  • Ready to implement change and be courageous in driving human centred business and want to feel safe and supported by peers in your journey.

...then join us and become the change you wish to see in business and beyond.

Meet some of our amazing Human Leaders

 They're change makers driving better business for Humans in their respective fields and they're here ready to connect and support your growth in Leadership too.

We support organisations and teams ready to make the shift to Human Leadership.

The Human Leaders movement welcomes organisations and teams who are ready to change the way they lead and do business. 

Our platform will support your group to learn and growth together. We'll assess your needs and onboard your team with a learning pathway to give everyone the shared baseline knowledge. Or, simply sign your individual members up for a subscription and allow them to create their own self-directed learning pathway to suit their needs.

Reach out to us directly if you'd like a private group within the platform for your team to convene and share learnings.

Companies whose Leaders are part of the Human Leaders movement:

We Are Human Leaders Podcast

Launched in June 2022, the We Are Human Leaders podcast  encapsulates our mission through potent, impactful conversations with people who are changing the landscape of how we lead.

Through this powerful podcast, we support Leaders to shift into the new paradigm of Leadership needed to thrive in today’s world.

Find us wherever you listen to your podcasts:


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